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Reading about Breaking Bad on the internet…

All the conversation about the way the show has played out just makes me think about really how revolutionary it’s been.

Like there are thousands of people all over the world, right now, trying to grasp the immensity of the story and figure it all out. It’s like how people treated LOST.

But Breaking Bad is more important than LOST because we don’t analyze it because it asks us to, but because we’re compelled to do so. Breaking Bad is exactly as deep as you want it to be.

I get the feeling when it’s over everybody will look back on it and say “Holy shit that’s some good TV.” Kinda like the way that first generation fans of The Wire must’ve felt - to know you’re involved in seeing something unfold that is special, even if it’s just TV. Breaking Bad is that important.

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I Finished The First Season of The Wire.

It was pretty awesome, but seriously the full hour episodes are sometimes pretty dense to get through.

It ruled though. I’ve been watching Fringe for a while and always liked Lance Reddick as Broyles, though he never did much for me as an actor. He’s a lot more interesting as Daniels though, and had some seriously impressive speeches and things in the latter half of this season of The Wire. 

Plus I really like Lester and Bubbles and pretty much every character is pretty deep and interesting.

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